Film: Tesla’s Medicine

My current project is a series of feature documentaries about the historical medical inventions of Nikola Tesla, and how they are used today for the practice of Electro-Medicine. The series is called Tesla’s Medicine and the first in the trillogy is titled: The Universal Fluid.

Tesla's Medicine

Sound Track: Music from the Plant Kingdom

In episode three, using Tesla’s medical inventions, we test their effect on a wide variety of house plants and vegetables to see if they effect plant growth. We discover that they not only cause plants to grow faster and healthier – the plants seem to have developed an enhanced perception to the testing equipment that we use to measure the biological effects. We attached four polygraph machines to measure their response to the light and magnetic field generators and noticed the most dramatic effect came from a fused quartz crystal singing bowl that produces a piezoelectric field.

We developed custom polygraph software that converted the electric impulses of the plants into waveforms that were then converted into MIDI notes. These midi notes were then mapped to a music computer to allow us to listen to the effect that the singing bowl was having on the plant. This experiment is documented in episode three and the music that the plants create is used for the film score.

The picture below shows the equipment we used to produce the experiment and you can hear the music the plants create.

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